Sahn Ward Coschignano & Baker, PLLC Part of Unprecedented Legal Collaboration Seeking Justice for Indian Guest Workers


Recently, the Southern Poverty Law Center announced an unprecedented collaborative effort by several of the country’s most prestigious law firms to prosecute, on a pro bono basis, multiple human trafficking and racketeering lawsuits against Signal International, LLC and its network of recruiters and labor brokers. The lawsuits, filed in Mississippi and Texas, allege that the defendants trafficked over five hundred Indian guest workers to the United States after Hurricane Katrina and forced them to work for Signal under barbaric conditions.

The recently filed lawsuits stem from the case of David v. Signal International LLC, No. 08-cv-1220 (E.D. La.), which is proceeding on behalf of twelve Indian guest workers alleged to have been trafficked by the defendants. With Joseph R. Bjarnson, Esq. as lead counsel for the Firm, Sahn Ward Coschignano & Baker, PLLC serves as pro bono co-counsel on behalf of the Plaintiffs in David v. Signal International LLC. Click here for SPLC Press Release.

Posted by Joseph R. Bjarnson