NYC Department of City Planning Releases Historical Documents Relating to the 1961 Zoning Resolution

Land Use

The NYC Zoning Resolution turned 50 years old last year.  In conjunction with this anniversary, the NYC Department of City Planning (“DCP”) is releasing historical documents relating to the 1961 Zoning Resolution, including the 1916 Zoning Resolution, the original 1961 Zoning Resolution, as well as minutes from public hearings held by the City Planning Commission in connection with the 1961 Zoning Resolution, the Commission’s report outlining the need for new zoning regulations, and reports obtained from consultants throughout the 1950’s in preparation for the 1961 zoning resolution overhaul.  The intent is that DCP will continue to catalog years of historical planning documents and release them so that they can be researchable by the public.   Click on the following link for more information:

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