NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission Considers Two New Historic Districts for the East Village

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The New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission (“LPC”) is considering two new historic districts for Manhattan’s East Village.  The first, which is smaller, is the East 10th Street Historic District, located on the north side of East 10th Street between Avenue A and Avenue B.    This portion of East 10th Street is situated along the north side of Tompkins Square Park.  According to the LPC’s website, “The entire 19th- and 20th-century history of the East Village is reflected in the buildings of the proposed East 10th Street Historic District, from its early development as a fashionable residential community comprised of elegant dwellings to its subsequent transformation into an immigrant neighborhood filled with purpose-built tenements and converted row houses.”


The second proposed historic district is the East Village/Lower East Side Historic District.  This proposed district is much larger and encompasses a large area of the East Village.  A map of the proposed district can be found at the link at the end of this blog entry.  This proposed district will contain hundreds of buildings.  The area includes numerous intact 19th century residential buildings and some institutional buildings, many of which are architecturally and historically significant.  Although the local community seems to generally support this proposed historic district designation, recently there has been some opposition, particularly from local houses of worship, which see the proposed district as an undue burden.  Information on both proposed districts can be found at:


On June 28th, the LPC voted to calendar the proposed districts for public hearings where final decisions on the designations could be made.  The dates of the public hearings have not yet been scheduled.


We recommend that building/property owners within the proposed districts and adjoining areas stay fully informed of the status of these proposed districts.  LPC approval will generally be required for any restoration, renovation, alteration or demolition of an existing building on a property, or the redevelopment of a property within a historic district.  This requires the submission of an application to the LPC for approval, and may require a public hearing before the LPC if it is determined that the proposed work affects significant architectural and historic features of the building.  In addition, please note that LPC approval is also typically necessary for any work that will affect the exterior appearance of a building within a historic district, even if a permit is not needed from the Department of Buildings for the proposed work.


A map of the proposed East Village/Lower East Side Historic District can be found at the following link:


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