Let’s Make Hurricane Sandy the Catalyst for Change so we don’t Suffer the Same Catastrophic Damage Again

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We cannot change what happened with Hurricane Sandy.  But, we can use Hurricane Sandy as the catalyst for change so we do not suffer the same catastrophic damage again from the next storm.

We need to put an action plan in place now on Long Island, and the entire metropolitan region, so we do everything possible to protect our population, communities and businesses in the future.

Here are some ideas to consider in terms of land use, municipal and environmental planning: Read the rest of this entry »

Posted by Michael Sahn

CPC Approves Modifications to Parking Requirements in Downtown Brooklyn

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On October 17th, the City Planning Commission (“CPC”) approved a zoning text amendment that modifies the parking requirements for portions of the Special Downtown Brooklyn District (“SDBD”), in Brooklyn Community District 2.  According to the CPC report, “The proposed amendment to the SDBD regulations would reduce parking requirements for new residential development from 40% of units to 20% of units to better reflect actual parking demand in Downtown Brooklyn; remove parking requirements for affordable housing units; and provide additional opportunities for public parking.” Read the rest of this entry »

Posted by Daniel Braff