Regulation of Toxic Pesticides on Long Island

Environmental Law

Pesticides used on Long Island’s bygone potato farms are now turning up in private water wells. Concern over pesticide contamination in drinking water and the potential deleterious effects on human health have spurred new efforts to reduce the use of pesticides on Long Island’s lawns, nurseries, and farms.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (“NYSDEC”) is looking at pesticide contamination of drinking water and will present a new pesticide management plan that may impose stricter limits on the use of certain chemicals.

Currently, most professionals who use pesticides are swapping them for less harmful products. Some argue that it is the homeowners who use far more pesticides on their property than professional applicators use. Activists against the use of pesticides are pushing state lawmakers to ban their sale and use in a manner that goes above and beyond DEC’s projected plan.

For more information on pesticide regulations and groundwater contamination, please contact Miriam Villani or Jason Kaplan.

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